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Tony Kornheiser Should Go To Jail

2010-03-18 13:05:01
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Big news in the blogging and bicycle world. Tony Kornheiser, a sports radio character on ESPN radio was upset because of some bike lanes that will be added to some streets in Washington DC. During his rant on the radio he said:

“I don't take my car and ride on the sidewalk because I understand that's not for my car. Why do these people think that these roads were built for bicycles?...They don't share the road. They dominate the road. They dare you to run them down....And then when you do, they get angry. What is that about?....And so you tap them. I'm not saying you kill them. I'm saying you tap them. Tap them once....If you're not rubbing, you're not racing right? So you pop them a little bit and see what happens.”

Lance Armstrong got into the fray on Twitter and said some not so nice things about Kornheiser. Now the bloggers and e-mail guys are all saying everyone should lighten up. They say Kornheiser was just in character. It was just a joke. I say bull shit, I don’t care if it is a joke. Let’s change what he says just a little bit. Let’s say he says “Why do these people think that these roads were built for black people.” All of a sudden it’s not funny.

Let’s be clear. This is the same thing. It is someone in a place of influence suggesting organized violence against a defined group of people. The difference is that the people are on bikes, not of one race, but it is still an identifiable group to which a person in a position of influence is suggesting violence. And for those of you who don’t ride, be certain that tapping a bicyclist with your multi-ton vehicle in traffic very likely will lead to the death of that rider.

If Kornheiser made his comment against a racial group, he would be fired. He might be tried for a hate crime. If he acted on his statement, he would be tried and convicted for premeditated assault or even murder. But some out there think we should go easy on this guy. They are wrong.

I have so much to deal with while I ride – careless drivers, bad roads, rain, and mean people. Now I also have a sports guy telling the world that it is a good idea to cause bodily harm to me while I ride. That is no joke.

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