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Conquent: Without Limits
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I Feel Good (I Got You)

2010-04-17 20:43:03
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Some people ask how I can ride so long and still feel good. Some people look at the tri athlete Chrissie Wellington and ask how she can smile while setting new speed records. Some ask how Lon Haldeman looked so fresh in 1982 while beating the competition in the first Race Across America.

It’s all in your head. At the 1995 Davis Double Century I was goofing around with a few friends early the ride. We were loudly singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and telling jokes while passing people on hills and otherwise being generally obnoxious.

At around 130 miles into the ride there is a hill called Resurrection Hill. Resurrection is about 8.5 miles long. There is no shade and it is always very hot. Going up this hill, I felt like hell - nauseous, tired, wishing it would all be over. Someone recognized our obnoxious group from earlier in the ride.

He said “Oh it’s you guys! How you feeling?”

To which I responded with a James Brown Scream “Wow! I feel good”, and the rest of my group joined in: “du, da du, da do do” I sang “Like I knew that I would” etc.

We sang this most of the rest of the way up the hill. Some one else said – “don’t every ask them how the feel again”

I really didn’t feel good, but I was glad to be riding, and so I kept my sense of humor. That’s were all those good feelings come from for any endurance athlete.

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